Student affiliate program

Are you a student who is thinking about becoming an editor or working with editors? Discover what editors do and how they work by becoming a student affiliate of the Editors’ Association of Canada. For a fraction of the cost of a full membership, you can network with and learn from practising professionals through social media, in-person meetings, seminars, conferences and volunteer opportunities.

13 reasons to become an Editors Canada student affiliate

1. Jumpstart your career affordably

Students pay less than 20% of the cost of full membership but receive about 75% of the benefits.

2. Qualify for an exclusive scholarship

Apply for the $1,000 Claudette Upton Scholarship, awarded annually to an Editors Canada student affiliate to promote their continuing professional development in editing.

3. Network with local editors

Join them at monthly meetings or in coffee shops, at holiday parties and at professional development events, to learn what is happening in the editing world.

4. Get involved to stand out from the crowd

Volunteer to work with a team of colleagues to achieve a common goal. You’ll interact with influential editors and members of related fields, learn new skills, expand your portfolio and increase your career options.

“I joined Editors Canada as a student affiliate to attend the first international editors conference (hosted by Editors Canada). I was looking for networking and volunteering opportunities to connect with real-world working editors. I was nervous, not knowing whether I’d be “accepted” in the community. Well, after helping out at conference registration, attending a seminar and volunteering at the Word On The Street festival, I can confidently say that editors are a really friendly bunch of people! In fact, my Facebook friends list nearly doubled!” 

Ann Kennedy

5. Find work and help work find you

Peruse opportunities on our job board and the local hotline. Purchase an annual listing in our searchable Online Directory of Editors, which helps employers and clients find the right editor fast.

6. Build a broad professional community

Discuss the business of editing, debate language-related issues and share employment opportunities in the email forum and on social media channels including the members-only Facebook page.

7. Get a discount on the annual conference

Make valuable connections and build your skills at the annual Editors Canada national conference, held in a different Canadian city each year. This weekend of learning, networking and fun is the perfect setting for meeting fellow editors and developing professional skills.

“Being a student affiliate got me the discounted registration for the editors’ conference in June 2015. The conference was interesting, challenging, informative, and fun—a great investment. Everyone was friendly, approachable, supportive and encouraging about my leap from the corporate world into freelancing. I made real connections there.” 

Wendy Barron

8. Get a discount on professional development seminars

Learn from experts in a range of editing-related subjects to build a strong foundation and develop your expertise. Offerings vary by branch and twig, and address basics like grammar and copy editing, specialty areas like copyright law and academic editing, business topics like tax and finances for business and marketing your services, and many other topics.

“I’ve learned a lot from seminars, conferences and online tools available to student affiliates. I now know how to market my skills, manage my finances, find work and communicate effectively with authors. I’ve also gained valuable skills and connections as a volunteer. Editors Canada student affiliate status pays for itself and then some!”

Tiffany MacDonald

9. Attend Editors Canada webinars at the member price

Can’t make it out to in-person seminars? Subject not offered in your area? Try one of Editors Canada’s many webinars, with content suited for everyone from new editors to seasoned pros.

10. Access valuable professional tools

Editors Canada members and student affiliates receive a free annual subscription to Chicago Manual of Style Online (value: $39 USD).

11. Access the members-only area of the Editors Canada website

This is a rich source of information about the business of editing. Look at opportunities on our job board and get group discounts on supplies and services.

12. Download the association’s free publications

These include Professional Editorial StandardsGuidelines for Ethical Editing of Theses/Dissertations and the Agreement Template for Editing Services.

13. Use the student affiliate logo

It shows people what you do and demonstrates your status with the association.

Who can become a student affiliate?

Students are defined as anyone enrolled part-time in an editing or editing-related post-secondary program, or in full-time post-secondary studies in any discipline. Editors Canada will also allow the student affiliate status for anyone applying for it within three months of completing one of these programs.

People who are working and taking supplementary courses for professional development do not qualify as students.

Students must provide proof of student status to This can be any document showing the name of the educational institution, their name and a date (including the year), such as:

  • a tuition receipt,
  • program registration, 
  • a signed letter or email from a professor, or
  • an unofficial transcript.

Become a student affiliate.

Benefits comparison: Student affiliates and full members

BenefitStudent AffiliateMember
Qualify for the Claudette Upton ScholarshipX 
Free subscription to Active Voice/Voix active (Editors Canada national magazine)XX
Free subscription to a branch or twig newsletterXX
Free or discounted attendance at local meetingsXX
Free subscription to Chicago Manual of Style OnlineXX
Registration discounts on seminars, webinars and the annual conferenceXX
Discounts on Editors Canada publicationsXX
Eligible to volunteer with the associationXX
Eligible to purchase an annual listing in the Online Directory of EditorsXX
Eligible to use appropriate annual association status logoXX
Access to the Members Only area of the Editors Canada websiteXX
Access to Editors Canada email discussion forum and private Facebook groupXX
Access to the Editors Canada Internship Guidelines (in development)XX
Regular communications about association businessXX
Eligible to vote in branch and national level elections X
Eligible to hold elected positions X
Access to insurance packages X
Access to the Editors Canada mediator X
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