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When Anna Cairns joined Editors Canada in 2019 as a student affiliate, she figured volunteering for the publications committee would be a safe bet to build her editing skills. Instead, she found herself learning to upload e-books and haggling for weeks with an online publisher over the handling of a semicolon. “That was a great lesson in finding out what you’ll be volunteering for before you volunteer,” Anna says, “but it all turned out well. I love the committee and enjoy being involved in the creation of books in any way.”

Anna’s love for books dates back to her childhood, when she wrote stories and poetry. She still considers herself primarily a writer and has published a collection of flash fiction, Light in the Dark. She also considers herself a lifelong student. In 2020 she completed an Editorial Certificate through George Brown College and is now pursuing a Writing Certificate at the University of Toronto and a degree in English through Queen’s University. “I’m also working on becoming fluent in my native Italian language,” she adds.

Just beginning her freelance career, Anna enjoys “the little details of world building” that go into the developmental editing of fiction. She also keeps busy with volunteering. In addition to serving on the publications committee, she has proofread the Editors Canada Volunteer Handbook and written for Active Voice and BoldFace. She also joined the training and development committee and now hosts Editors Canada webinars. “I’m very talkative in a group, but in front of an audience I freeze,” Anna says. Being a webinar host has helped her overcome performance anxiety.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys working with stained glass, getting out into nature and driving for Toronto Wildlife. For Anna, volunteering for Editors Canada and elsewhere is “truly rewarding.”

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