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Tamra Ross got her start in editing as a writing coach for adult students. From there she worked as the communications director for a non-profit and is a long-time member of Editors Calgary. Tamra is now a web/print designer and computer programmer/researcher, but keeps her editing skills sharp and is a recent graduate of SFU’s editing program.

Tamra first joined Editors Canada in 2006. She began volunteering when asked to complete the design and layout for Latest Edition, before moving on to Active Voice. Currently, she chairs the training and development committee. Tamra loves volunteering for the connections it brings, and believes the quality of one’s experience depends on those one works with. Of her time with Editors Canada, she says it has been “rewarding and interesting, and the people are all great to work with. We seem to have a similar drive to create quality work.” She previously chaired the awards committee, helping to develop the Karen Virag Award during her tenure.

Although Tamra finds volunteering a positive experience, she admits it is not without its challenges. “Doing the Active Voice layout forced me to learn how to lay out French text,” she says. “In my current role, I’ve been doing most of the webinar hosting, which can be time consuming.” She is now busy training new webinar hosts, but enjoyed creating an eBook to aid in training the webinar committee.

For Tamra, what has been most valuable of all to her as a freelancer is the opportunity to expand her professional network. “Volunteering has blossomed into an ongoing relationship that’s brought many jobs. You never know where your next great client will come.”

Outside of work, Tamra loves to learn, be it a new language or a new technology. She is a huge fan of anything horror (“even the schlocky stuff”), and enjoys punk rock, computer games and cutting-edge art—”things that challenge ways of thinking.”

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