National Committee Chairs

Awards Coordinator

Joanne Findon
Editors Toronto
I am a writer, editor and retired university teacher of creative writing and medieval literature who is passionate about helping others to learn to write well. I have five years of freelance editing experience, and have written a range of fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults as well as academic books and a biography. My doctorate (Medieval Studies) from the University of Toronto focused on women in medieval Celtic literature, but I bring a broad range of literary expertise to my editing. During my academic career I served on a number of awards committees.

Career Builder Committee

Headshot photo of Holly Vestad

Holly Vestad (she/her)
Editors Québec
I am a Montreal-based freelance editor specializing in memoir, creative non-fiction and academic work. I have an MA (specializing in print culture) and I pursued three years of doctoral research in the English department of McGill University, where I also served as the chair of the professional development committee for the department’s association of graduate students. I have held writing workshops in the university setting throughout my graduate career, and I am currently a writing tutor at the McGill Writing Centre. I am also easing into my new role as the in-house tutor for the McGill First Peoples’ House.

Certification Steering Committee

Headshot of Saleh Waziruddin

Saleh Waziruddin
Editors Hamilton-Halton
I am a freelance academic and non-fiction editor in the Niagara region of Ontario with a STEM and public policy/municipal government background. I’ve taken the academic and professional editing course at Queen’s University. I am South Asian and involved locally in anti-racism organizations. Though born in Quebec, I lived abroad for most of my childhood.

Comité Agrément/Principes


Conference Adviser

Headshot of Breanne MacDonald

Breanne MacDonald
Editors Hamilton-Halton
I am a graduate of Ryerson University’s publishing program and have been an in-house editor (with some freelance work on the side) since 2010. I am currently a technical editor at ASCENT, working primarily on engineering software training materials. I received the President’s Award in 2015 and have been an active member of Editors Canada at both the local and national levels. I have served on the national executive council since 2015 and have been involved with the conference committee in some capacity since 2014.

Conference Committee

Tara Avery
Editors British Columbia
Technically, my editorial career began in grade five, when I decided my school needed a magazine and that I was just the gal to start it. I’ve worked in a professional capacity since 2003. I’m a Professional Member of the CIEP, CAA and AIPP. Though my experience is wide-ranging, I work predominantly with fiction, creative non-fiction and dramatic texts as a coach and developmental/line/copy editor.

Kyle Hawke
Editors British Columbia
Profile to come.

The Editors’ Weekly

Laura Bontje
Editors Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph
I am a freelance editor specializing in fiction editing, with a particular focus on children’s literature. I live in London, Ontario, with my husband and two young children. Editing my clients’ beautiful books and seeing the world through my kids’ eyes both reignited my own passion for writing: my debut picture book will be released in 2024, with more to come!

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Amber Riaz
Editors British Columbia
I am committed to working with and amplifying voices of authors and editors self-identifying as BIPOC/racialized, or as members of LGBTQ2S+ communities connected to Canada and across genres. My goals as equity, diversity and inclusion adviser focus on continuing to work on developing and implementing strategies that consistently prioritize and amplify the work of members of the Editors Canada community who are traditionally marginalized. I work with the national executive council on matters related to equity, diversity and inclusion especially in relation to student affiliates and members. My goals include identifying and establishing productive relationships with members and associations focused on EDI matters.

External Liaison

Headshot of Heather Buzila

Heather Buzila, Editors Canada past president
Editors Edmonton
I began my editing career in 2007 and am a certified copy editor and stylistic editor with Editors Canada. I currently work at Athabasca University in Edmonton, where I edit materials for online courses in humanities and social sciences. I’ve also edited fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts, professional development modules for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, and website materials for diverse organizations.

Facebook Group Moderators

Headshot of Joanne Haskins

Joanne Haskins
Editors Toronto
I learned the fundamentals of editing and publishing at a national trade magazine, leaving as managing editor. I now help a variety of clients — including self-publishing authors, non-profits, governmental bodies and businesses — with my own editing, writing and design company, Think Communications. I’ve been an Editors Canada member since 1997 and have volunteered in a variety of roles, including the redesign and production of the Toronto-branch newsletter and pilot-testing the copy-editing certification exam.


Lenore Hietkamp
Editors British Columbia
Profile to come

Forum Monitor

Headshot of Josée Marie-Lise Robillard

Josée Marie-Lise Robillard
Editors Québec
I have a multidisciplinary degree from the University of Sherbrooke, through the accumulation of four certificates, including one in editing. Since 2008, I have been freelancing through my company, L’Atelier JML, working mainly in Web writing and journalism. I am currently looking to carve out a niche for myself with publishers, focusing on the medical field, Canadian history and Northern culture. In 2007, I won first prize in a literary contest. In 2008, one of my articles was ranked in the top 10 in a competition organized by the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians.

Francophone Adviser

Badou Bousso
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I joined Editors Ottawa–Gatineau in 2015 and became the branch’s chair of francophone relations in 2019. I live in Gatineau and am a professional translator, language instructor and editor who has worked both in-house and as a freelancer for the nearly two decades. I currently work as content coordinator for a not-for-profit organization in Ottawa. In this capacity, I create, update and edit internal content. I am also a contributor to the organization’s website. 

I am a Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) and I use my expertise to foster collaboration, learning and process improvement. From 2012 to 2019, I received several Ottawa Regional Contact Centre (ORCCA) awards. I am an avid fan of classical literature and hope to one day finish my PhD studies in francophone literature. I speak four languages and am eager to improve my Arabic.

Honorary Life Membership Evaluation Committee

Kristine Buchholtz
Editors Edmonton

Lesley Cameron
Editors British Columbia

Marianne Grier
Editors British Columbia

Roma Ilnyckyj
Editors British Columbia

Anne Louise Mahoney
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau

Jonathan Paterson
Editors Québec

Human Resources Committee

Headshot of Maria Frank

Maria Frank, Editors Canada president
Editors Edmonton
I have worked as an editor since 2008. I have been both a freelance editor and an in-house editor, editing government documents, K–12 study materials, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, and corporate communications. I currently work for Athabasca University and edit primarily content for undergraduate- and graduate-level business courses.

I am an editor because I am passionate about language and the power of the word. I am particularly interested in the application of language to reflect cultural values and effect positive social change.

Outside of editing, I am passionate about powerlifting, photography and learning new languages.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Headshot of Merel Elsinga

Merel Elsinga
Editors British Columbia
I have a background in (Dutch) law and a post-professional lingering passion for sailing and cooking. I am a plain language writer since my law career before the millennium change and a freelance proofreader of mostly non-fiction since 2019. In 2020 I joined Editors Canada and I have been volunteering at the local and national levels since then. I completed the SFU editing program in October 2021. My career mission is to help lawyers in the private sector create plain language contracts. My Editors Canada mission is to create more awareness for our association.


Headshot of Jane Kidner

Jane Kidner, B.A., J.D., LL.M. (ADR), C.Med. 
I started my career as a litigation lawyer before transitioning to a 20-year career as a communications/marketing manager at the University of Toronto and then Ryerson University.  At U of T, I was editor of a semi-annual magazine and led several large portfolios through innovation, transition and organizational change. Along the way, I became a certified mediator and a leadership coach, and continue to be a lifelong learner of conflict resolution and conflict resolution strategies.

Mentorship Committee

Risha Gotlieb
Editors Toronto
I’m primarily a journalist whose work has been featured in The Toronto StarThe Globe & MailReader’s DigestChatelaine and Maclean’s, among others. As an editor I’ve worked both in-house and freelance—it’s been an eclectic ride that included working for newspapers, a university, a major corporation and an ad agency. I have a degree in journalism and am also affiliated with the American Society of Journalists & Authors.

Member Services Committee

Emily Follett-Campbell
Editors Toronto
I am a graduate of the MA program in Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. More recently, I was an Adjunct Professor of Composition and Argumentation for Engineers at Concordia. From the Summer of 2019 to the Winter of 2022, I was a TA of Composition and Argumentation for Engineers and Technical Writing and Communication. In the second semester of 2020, I worked as a TA on The City, Concordia’s digital magazine, fact checking and copy editing student writing. I also work as an online tutor.

I have experience as a writer, assistant editor and digital marketer. In my editorial work at magazines, I edited a wide variety of content, wrote over 60 articles, liaised with freelance writers and editors, and collaborated on a wide variety of events, including webinars and in-person conferences. I also hold a BFA in Playwriting and an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Interactive Marketing Communications.

I believe good ideas are made better by our ability to communicate them, and I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with others on creative projects.

Nominating Committee

Headshot of Heather Buzila

Heather Buzila, Editors Canada past president
Editors Edmonton
I began my editing career in 2007 and am a certified copy editor and stylistic editor with Editors Canada. I currently work at Athabasca University in Edmonton, where I edit materials for online courses in humanities and social sciences. I’ve also edited fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts, professional development modules for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, and website materials for diverse organizations.

Publications Committee

Matthew Long
Editors Toronto
I joined Editors Canada as a student affiliate in 2023 while completing the Editorial Skills Program at George Brown College. I look forward to volunteering with Editors Canada to expand my skillset and professional experience as I carry out a career change from business to editing. My passion for editing ties in with my life-long love for reading, writing and exploring artistic expression.

Noah Nuttall
Editors Toronto
After nearly a decade in the story department of the North American television and film industry, I’ve launched a second career as a freelance editor. I joined Editors Canada in 2023 shortly after pursuing George Brown College’s Certificate in Editorial Skills and Toronto Metropolitan University’s Certificate in Publishing, specializing in fiction. My goal as an editor is to contribute to media that positively impacts 2SLGBTQIA+ audiences. When I’m not knee-deep in scripts, I love getting away from my desk into the Canadian wilderness for a day of hiking.

Standards Committee

Headshot of Greg Ioannou

Greg Ioannou
Editors Toronto
Colborne Communications
I’ve been a freelancer since 1977, and have taught editing all over the place. I was a founding member of (F)EAC and have had all sorts of positions on the executive, including president three times and treasurer six times (yikes!). In real life I own and run a writing and editing company called Colborne Communications, where my office is populated with moose paraphernalia. I’m also the publisher at Iguana Books. More importantly, I captain a team in a weekly trivia league, and frequent local pubs and stamp auctions.

Headshot of Berna Ozunal

Berna Ozunal
Editors Toronto
I’m a Certified Professional Editor and currently an independent contractor working mostly with non-profits. I’ve been teaching editing at George Brown College since 2016. In early 2020, I participated as a mentor in the John Eerkes-Medrano Mentorship Program. Since 2012, I’ve been volunteering for Editors Canada at the local and national levels. I’m excited by the important work being done to rethink and improve Editors Canada’s membership benefits. This year, my objective is to support ongoing efforts to make our Professional Editorial Standards and professional certification exams even more relevant and accessible for editors in Canada and around the world.

Student Relations Committee

Headshot of Michelle Noble

Michelle Noble
Editors Hamilton-Halton
I became an Editors Canada student affiliate in 2020, after I decided to make a midlife career change from social work to freelance editing. I’m currently finishing up the last few courses of the Publishing Certificate at Toronto Metropolitan University and launching my freelance business. I copy edit and proofread non-fiction (with an affinity for the social sciences) and I also love to help clients craft compelling web content. I’m passionate about social justice and accessibility, and the ways that these issues intersect with editing. I beta read to get my fiction fix, and I spend a lot of my free time reading, reviewing and collecting books. I also enjoy digging in my garden, indulging my inner neurodivergent nerd, and hanging out with my family and our rescue animals.

Training and Development Committee

Headshot of Katherine Morton

Katherine Morton
Editors Toronto
I am a settler descendant from where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet. The Blackfoot name is Mohkinstsis (Calgary). But I didn’t stay long. I studied French in Québec and France, taught English in Japan, and completed MBA studies in Germany, Mexico and the Philippines. I worked in international development in dozens of countries and travelled to dozens more—70 countries collected so far, with a love of culture, language and people. I’m based in Toronto and still globetrotting. I do academic, corporate and non-profit editing. I completed the SFU editing certificate program and am an Editors Canada Certified Copy Editor.

Volunteer Management Committee

Ren Baron
Editors Toronto
I am a Toronto-based freelance editor new to Editors Canada. I primarily edit academic work in the Humanities and Social Sciences, with a particular focus in film studies and international relations. In 2018, I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History, East Asian Studies and Spanish, and I will complete my Editorial Skills Certificate at George Brown College this spring (2022). My favourite fiction genres are fantasy and mystery, and I’m currently learning how to play platformer video games for the first time in my life.

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