ODE search tips

Hundreds of experienced editors have profiles in the Online Directory of Editors (ODE). Searching for an editor to suit your requirement is easy.

Types of searches

The ODE offers a powerful search engine to help you find the right editor. You can browse the ODE by name or create a custom search criteria.

Browse by name 

  • Do you want the profile for an editor you know? In the Enter keywords search box, type the person’s name (first and/or last) and click Search.
  • You can also search by last name

Search by custom criteria

  • Do you want to display a focused list of editors by choosing search criteria? Use one or more of the other three search filters provided, or the keywords search, then click Search. The more criteria you specify, the narrower will be the result. 
  • The Search Results page will show how many editors in the ODE match your criteria (which is summarized near the top of the page), and each matching editor’s NameCity and Province. You will also see the first 150 characters of the editor’s profile statement. Matching editors are sorted first by relevance, then by alphabetical order.
  • To see an editor’s full profile, click the editor’s name. (Tip: if you hold the Shift key when you click, the editor’s profile will open in a new browser window, leaving the Search Results page open for later reference.)

Want to start a new search?

Click Back to Directory near the top of the page. On the directory home page, click Reset to clear your previous search parameters before beginning a new search.

Search criteria

The search filters available are as follows: 


Add terms to this text box and your results will include editors who include these exact terms in their profile. Use plurals if you want to match plurals. The keyword search looks for matches in the editor’s Media/genresEditorial skills and Subjects lists, as well as in the Statement. Furthermore, an editor’s profile contains a list called Other interests, and the keyword search will also look for matches in this list. A matching word in an editor’s Subjects list will rank his or her profile higher than a matching word in the list of Other interests

Skills and experience

If you’re trying to find the right categories under which to search, these questions may help: 

1. What do you want done with your document?

Search category: Editorial skills

Description: Editors are often competent in other fields, but only editorial skills are listed here. If you require someone with additional qualifications, try a keyword search or browse the profile statements, in which the editors describe their experience and qualifications. If you’re unfamiliar with any term used for editorial skills, please read Editors Canada’s Definitions of Editorial Skills, and Professional Editorial Standards. Reading these definitions can be instructive, for some editorial terms are commonly misapplied in modern business contexts.

2. What kind of document is it?

Search category: Media/genres

Description: These are the types of material which the editor works: academic materials, brochures, websites, newsletters and so on. If your medium is not listed, choose the nearest match or try a keyword search. 

Tip: a skilled editor can adapt his or her expertise to new areas.

3. What is your document about?

Search category: Subjects

Description: This is a list of the topics with which the editor is most experienced. The order in which an editor ranks his or her subject areas affects the order of your search results.


The location search locates editors in the ODE who are [X] kilometres or miles from a Canadian postal code. Clear the “Distance” and “From postal code” fields to get results “anywhere” (the default). To use this search to find a local editor, enter a numeric value in the “Distance” field, select “Kilometres” or “Miles,” enter a postal code and then click “Search.”

Working languages

This filter can help you find an editor who works in one or both official languages, or an editor who works in another language. The list of languages available is compiled directly from ODE profiles. If you need a translator, it may help to also select Translation from the Editorial skills.  

Number of search criteria

You may specify several search criteria at one time (e.g., “proofreading” under Editorial skills AND “newsletters” under Media/genres) if you’re looking for an editor with a particular set of qualifications. Remember, the more search criteria you use, the fewer matches will result.

Can’t find what you need?

What happens if no editor listed in the ODE seems to have the right experience, or if you’re not quite sure what sort of editor you require? Remove one or more criteria and try again. Versatility and the ability to generalize are the stock-in-trade of most editors. For example, an editor who can lay out a magazine page can probably lay out a study guide. Reading through the Definitions of Editorial Skills can help you decide what you need.

You can also post a job vacancy on our job board. This is an efficient and free way to promote your opportunity to both in-house and freelance editors from coast to coast to coast.

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