Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts

In academia, papers and theses are one way to test the ability of students, especially graduate students, to use written words for communicating ideas and arguments. Yet students sometimes ask editors to provide a full gamut of editorial services. 

To address this, Editors Canada has developed guidelines for the ethical editing of English-language papers, theses and dissertations. The guidelines are based on research with university administrators and members of Editors Canada who have had experience in editing these types of student work.

There is one document for the undergraduate level and another for the graduate level. The guidelines differ slightly because different stages of editing are appropriate at different education levels.

Before any editorial work begins, students must obtain written permission for professional editing from their supervisor that specifies what the editor is allowed to do. Editors Canada has a permissions form for all parties to sign. 

Editors Canada has developed these guidelines to aid its members and others in editing undergraduate and graduate work. Editors Canada accepts no liability for use of these documents or alterations to them.

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