Volunteer Resources

Overview of National Committees and Positions

Editors Canada committees power our organization through volunteer energy. Read about the committees and some of their initiatives, then contact committee chairs to discuss roles that you could play in building that energy.


VolunteerConnect is our resource for matching volunteers to tasks. It brings together the association’s projects that require volunteers and members who wish to volunteer.

Looking for volunteer opportunities?

If you want to volunteer for Editors Canada, you can use this searchable list to 

  • find opportunities of interest to you, or
  • list yourself as a potential volunteer

Listing yourself as a volunteer will showcase your skills, identify skills you would like to learn and provide other relevant information to people searching for volunteers.

Volunteering provides you with many career benefits.

Volunteer leaders  

If you’re a volunteer leader, you can use this searchable list to

  • find volunteers for your projects, or 
  • create a volunteer opportunity (including skills needed, skills that can be learned, time commitment, etc.).

The Volunteer Handbook

Download The Volunteer Handbook.

The Committee Book

Tools and tips for Editors Canada national committees

This book is intended to provide you with information and tools you’ll find useful in carrying out your commitment as a national committee chair or committee member.

Download The Committee Book.

The Directors Handbook

This handbook provides directors with information they need to carry out their duties on the national executive council.

Download The Directors Handbook.

Editors’ Association of Canada Payment Form

Use this Google Form if you are requesting payment from Editors Canada (for example, for an expense reimbursement or honorarium).

Download the Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Procedures.

Emergency Response Form

This form provides members of the Editors’ Association of Canada with information on dealing with an emergency while at an Editors Canada meeting or event.

Download the Emergency Response Form.

Editors Canada national style

Working on an Editors Canada publication, newsletter, web page or email message?

Download the Editors Canada National Style Sheet.

Editors Canada brand

Download the Branding Platform.

Download the Graphic Standards Manual.

Download the brand palette.

Download the Lato font.

Editors Canada logos

Looking for an association logo to use on your business or personal website and print material?

Get the Editors Canada member logo.

Get the Editors Canada student affiliate logo.

The association, branch and twig logos are not sanctioned for use by individual members. To request these logos, please email the senior communications manager at the national office.

Rules of order

The national executive council has created a guide to help members and the chair with the rules most likely needed at AGMs.

The Editors Canada bylaw states that meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order (section 3.09). Various policies and procedures/guidelines may also come into play at an AGM.

While many association members are friends or colleagues, the AGM is a formal meeting. In order to have a successful meeting, the business of the AGM is conducted through motions.

Download the Rules of Order Guide for the Editors’ Association of Canada Annual General Meetings.


Editors Canada respects copyright legislation. In order to protect its ongoing projects, it will ask volunteers to assign copyright for products they create for the association to Editors Canada.

Download Permission to Assign Copyright to Editors Canada

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