Membership logos

The association provides logos for its members and student affiliates to use on their business or personal websites and print material.

The member logo and student affiliate logo are similar to the Editors/Réviseurs Canada association logo and identify the user as a current member or student affiliate of the association. The logos may be used in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. The association logo is not sanctioned for use by individual members.


Only members of the association may use the member logo. “Members” is defined in “Membership Procedures.”

Only current student affiliates of the association may use the student affiliate logo. “Affiliate student” is defined in “Affiliate Procedures.”

No modifications

The logos must not be modified.

  • Do not reorganize the elements of the identity; the position and proportion of the symbol and wordmark are fixed.
  • Do not alter the colours of the logo.
  • Do not apply special effects to the logo.
  • Do not stretch the logo.
  • Do not place the logo on patterns or backgrounds that interfere with its legibility.


The logos may be hyperlinked only to the front page of the association website or to the member or student affiliate’s own profile in the Online Directory of Editors.

The border for a hyperlinked logo must be set to zero to maintain the integrity of the logo’s design.


Editors’ Association of Canada assumes no liability for any claims, actions or legal expenses connected with or related to any improper use of the member or student affiliate logo, or to the provision of any services associated with carrying the logos. The user of the member or student affiliate logo agrees to hold the association harmless and indemnify the association from any and all such claims, including legal defense costs.

Violation of guidelines

If an individual violates any of these guidelines, the association will withdraw permission to use the logos immediately and may initiate disciplinary or legal action.

Acquiring the logos

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