Indigenous Editors Association (IEA)

Three interconnected circles: a red circle on the left, a blue circle in the middle, and a yellow circle on the right. Below the circles in black font are the letters I E A, which stand for Indigenous Editors Association

We’re pleased to announce Editors Canada has partnered with the Indigenous Editors Association (IEA)!

With this new partnership, members of Editors Canada can register for IEA webinars and online training courses and other mutually agreed training and development services at the same price as IEA supporters. In return, members of IEA can register for Editors Canada conferences, webinars and online training courses and other mutually agreed training and development services at the same price as Editors Canada members.

IEA discount instructions for Editors Canada members

New: IEA is hosting a series of webinars this year between March 2024 and January 2025

Indigenous Representation in Literature with Salt and Sage Books
March 23 at 11:00 a.m., PDT.

Registration for Editors Canada members opens on February 23 and will remain open until March 23. IEA has space for up to 50 Editors Canada members to attend the webinar.

Register on the IEA website using code U152LJ38.

About the IEA

The Indigenous Editors Association is a membership organization that was formed by Indigenous editors and publishing professionals in lands claimed by Canada as a mutual support network. We are here to carry out the vision of our early organizers and to create professional development and networking opportunities.

Our purpose is to:

  • Strengthen relationships among Indigenous editors, storytellers, and publishing professionals;
  • Create opportunities for training and professional development for Indigenous editors;
  • Promote Indigenous editors in the publishing industry; and
  • Create educational opportunities for the mainstream publishing industry to learn about working with Indigenous editors.

Indigenous stories and knowledge systems must be approached with Indigenous community-focused editing practices, employed with care by Indigenous editors. The IEA connects Indigenous people who work with stories with each other. In our diverse roles—as editors, proofreaders, knowledge keepers, Indigenous language and culture experts, designers, publishing professionals, and more—we will strategize, share, and learn together. We will take part in publishing and storytelling on our terms and with the needs of our communities in the centre of the circle. We hope to share our stories in a good way with each other and the world—the stories that created us and the ones that heal us.

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