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Dear Editors Canada members,

Super early-bird registrations are available for an international editors’ conference run by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) from May 2 to 9, 2023.

The 11th IPEd Editors conference features a panel of speakers from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Canada, including Editors Canada representative and award-winning editor Iva Cheung, as well as a publisher’s panel from Australia and New Zealand.

With the theme of the biennial conference being “Futureproofing the editing profession,” it will be highly relevant for freelance and in-house editors, publishers and anyone watching the fast-changing face of publishing.

“Editors have seen many developments in the last 20 years of the digital era and that is just accelerating,” IPEd CEO Karen Lee said. “We have increasing commercial pressure on publishers, a pandemic that is changing how people access information and now the emergence of the next generation chatbot: ChatGPT. But we’re also making great strides in improving accessibility and the reach of materials for all users.”

The conference will include keynote speaker presentations, workshops, panels and “inside the mind of” interviews which will be focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the editing profession.

“Our panel of international editors will discuss what our counterpart organizations are doing to prepare for the future and how this affects the editing profession, and attendees will also have the opportunity to network and meet international peers,” Lee said.

The sessions include:

  • “Trauma-informed editing practice: A framework” from Camilla Cripps, editor
  • “5 tips for optimising your metadata to boost book sales” from Joel Naoum, Head of Trade Product, Booktopia
  • “Information design as a fourth type of editing” from Rebs Harris AE, technical writer and academic editor
  • “Neurodivergence and editing: A view from inside” from Dr Louise Merrington AE (Australia) and Tanja Gardner (New Zealand), who are both authors and editors
  • “Books without barriers: A practical guide to inclusive publishing” from Julie Ganner, editor, and Dr Agata Mrva-Montoya, publishing professional, Maryanne Park AE, editor, and Kayt Duncan, author
  • “Better books: Cultural intelligence and Indigenous strengths in editing” from Dr Sandra Phillips, Associate Professor of Indigenous Australian Studies and Publishing Studies, Western Sydney University
  • “Implications of AI on publishing and editing” by Martin Delahunty, Founder and Managing Director of Inspiring STEM (and former Global Director for Springer Nature).

Super early-bird tickets are available until March 9, 2023. Members of IPEd and affiliate organizations such as Editors Canada can purchase tickets at member-only rates. A super early-bird ticket for affiliate members is 170 AUD (about 160 CAD), a 20% discount on the standard cost of tickets.

Visit the conference website to see the program, find out more about the speakers and book your ticket.

IPEd is the professional membership association for editors in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, with around 1,400 members. It supports a thriving membership by offering professional development opportunities, valuable member benefits and advocacy for the profession.

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