Member news: April 2019

Editors British Columbia member Karen Autio is delighted to announce the publication by Crwth Press of her narrative non-fiction picture book, Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon, illustrated by Loraine Kemp.

In a hidden canyon in British Columbia’s Southern Interior, a ponderosa pine tree sprouts. Seasons pass as the tree grows, witness to generations of human history in the Okanagan Valley, from First Nations quests to fur brigades, horse wrangling, secret wartime commando training, to the firestorm of 2003. Richly illuminated by maps, illustrations and historical images, and informed by a timeline and historical notes, this fascinating book weaves First Nations history with European settlement and natural history. By following the thread of one tree growing in one sheltered and sacred space, this book gently explores patterns of colonization that will resonate with readers all over North America.

For more information, visit Karen’s website.

On Monday, March 4, Writing Tips Oasis featured the top 17 book editors in Ontario. All who made this list are members of Editors Canada!
Sigrid Macdonald, Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
Claudia Forgas, Editors Toronto
Joanne Haskins, Editors Toronto
Heather Camlot, Editors Toronto
Tom Moss Gamblin, Editors Toronto
Lori-Ann Livingston, Editors Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph
Sylvia McConnell, Editors Toronto
Freya Godard, Editors Toronto
Susan Hughes, Editors Toronto
Sara Promislow, Editors Toronto
Jennifer Dawn Foster, Editors Toronto
Kristy Hankewitz, Editors Toronto
Julie Stauffer, Editors Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph
Sherry Hinman, Editors Toronto
Kristine Thornley, Editors Toronto
Marcel Chiera, Editors Toronto
Michelle Parker, Editors Ottawa–Gatineau

“This piece seemed to come out of the blue. It was a pleasant surprise and a great boost,” said Editors Toronto member Joanne Haskins.

To view the complete post visit Writing Tips Oasis.

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