EAC: National e-news update, January 25, 2011

News, events, tips and updates for members of the Editors’ Association of Canada

Dear member,

Happy New Year from the Editors’ Association of Canada! With Blue Monday safely behind us (in Canada, anyway), it’s the perfect time to stop feeling guilty about those failed resolutions and to set some new, achievable goals for 2011.

Want to give your skills a boost? Meet more of your colleagues? Reach more potential clients? In this edition of the e-news update, we discuss making the most of your EAC membership to help you reach your goals in 2011.

In this issue:

1. CONNECT WITH OTHER EDITORS: Network, network, network
2. GET NOTICED: Stand out from the crowd
3. DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS: Workshops and more
4. GET HIRED: Find work in 2011
5. BOOST YOUR RESUMÉ: Get involved
6. PROTECT YOURSELF: Affordable insurance options

1. CONNECT WITH OTHER EDITORS: Network, network, network

  Goal: Attend EAC’s 2011 conference in Vancouver (May 27–29)

Get 200 editors and communications professionals together for a weekend and something great is bound to happen. Conferences set the stage for conversation, inspiration and innovation. So many members return to the EAC conference year after year to tap into the collective wisdom of a group of their peers and to share valuable insights at meals, between sessions and beyond. Make 2011 the year you join us!

Registration for the 2011 conference, Editing in the Age of e-Everything, opens on February 24.

  Goal: Connect with other EACers online


“Like” the Editors’ Association of Canada on Facebook. And don’t forget to join the member-run EAC Facebook group.


Join the EAC group on LinkedIn.


Get the latest EAC and industry news by following us on the microblogging site, Twitter. Find EAC @eac_acr.

EAC Email List

Whether you’re looking for tips on the business of editing or a virtual water cooler, the email list has something for you. Join the discussion today!

Interactive Voice

Email not your thing? Check out the web-based, threaded EAC discussion on Interactive Voice.

EAC Membership List

Stay connected to your fellow members. Visit your Online Profile to list yourself in the Membership List today.

2. GET NOTICED: Stand out from the crowd

  Goal: Get Certified

Make 2011 the year you join the ranks of editors certified by EAC’s landmark certification program. EAC’s certified editors benefit from official recognition of their high level of knowledge and skill—and a marketing advantage.

Registration for the 2011 tests will open this summer. For more information visit EAC Certification online.

Certification News

In December Anne Brennan, a CPE and member of the BC branch, joined the Certification Steering Committee and in January Pamela Capraru, a member of the Toronto branch, joined the committee. They bring deep and diverse experience to the committee. Anne has worked in educational publishing, on website content and construction, and in production, and Pamela in magazine copy editing (Walrus and Azure) and financial editing, to name a few of their fields. Anne will also participate in the online test research sub-committee. If you have an educational/pedagogical background or have some experience with computer testing, consider joining the sub-committee. Contact executive director Carolyn Burke for more information.

  Goal: Tell the world about your achievements

Member News

Kudos to BC branch member Nancy Flight for editing two acclaimed new books: Smiling Bears by Else Poulsen and A Hunter’s Confession by David Carpenter. Smiling Bears, an enlightening and moving portrait of bears in all their complexity, was shortlisted for the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction. A Hunter’s Confession, which tells the story of hunting, recently won the Saskatchewan Book of the Year Award. Both books are published by Greystone Books.

Do you have a recent achievement? Let EAC help tell the world about it! Visitors to EAC’s Member News page read all about EAC members who win awards, publish books and make their mark on the communications world in other important ways.

If you have member news to share, contact member news coordinator, Marguerite Watson.

  Goal: Get a branded email address

Show people what you do with an @editors.ca email address, available exclusively to EAC members. Your @editors.ca address tells people what you do and identifies you as a member of EAC.

3. DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS: Workshops and more

  Goal: Attend branch workshops

Give your skills a boost by taking part in branch seminars and workshops. Expert instructors help beginning editors build strong foundations, and they help more experienced ones develop their expertise. Whether you want to know more about grammar, copy editing, copyright law or running a freelance business, there’s something for everyone.

For more information about workshops in your area, visit your branch page.

  Goal: Hit the books

Whether you’re en route to becoming a certified editor or brushing up on your skills, studying early is the key. EAC’s updated and revised publications will help you on the path to excellence.

Professional Editorial Standards

What do editors do? That’s a question most members of the Editors’ Association of Canada have been asked at one time or another, and it’s the question addressed by the 2009 edition of Professional Editorial Standards, revised and updated to reflect the skills and knowledge required by editors today. Available as a free download.

Meeting Professional Editorial Standards

Whether you’re learning the craft of editing or an established professional looking to broaden your knowledge, this second edition, four-volume self-teaching and self-testing package is a must-have for any editor’s bookshelf. Available now from our co-publisher, Captus Press.

Certification Study Guides

EAC’s recently revised study guides are the primary resources for anyone who wants to become a certified editor. Whether you use the guides for independent study or in a workshop setting, you will learn more about the knowledge, skills and judgment required to earn your EAC Certification credentials. Available now from our co-publisher, Captus Press.

4. GET HIRED: Find work in 2011

  Goal: Give your career a boost

Online Directory of Editors

The Online Directory of Editors (ODE) is a searchable online resource that helps employers find the right editor fast. Editors who list in the ODE can attract new clients by creating personalized listings that rank high in online searches. A well-written ODE listing can pay for itself many times over. Learn more about your ODE listing.

Contract Collective

The Contract Collective pursues contracts on behalf of EAC members. If you’re interested in pursuing work with the federal and provincial governments, visit the Contract Collective page and join the Contract Collective coordinating mailing list.

National Job Board

The National Job Board is where you’ll find notices of full-time, part-time, contract and freelance opportunities from across the country.

Branch Hotlines

The hotlines are free job announcement services available in all branches. For more information visit your branch page.

5. BOOST YOUR RESUMÉ: Get involved

  Goal: Make your resumé more impressive

Want to stand out from the crowd? Consider volunteering for EAC. Volunteering has many benefits for the association, but it can be beneficial to your career as well. EAC member volunteers join a team of colleagues working toward a common goal. You’ll have the opportunity to work with influential members of the publishing and communications industries, learn new skills, expand your portfolio and boost your career options.

The following are just some of the volunteer opportunities that are currently available.

Conference Committee: Sponsorship Coordinator

We know there’s an EAC member out there who likes asking people for money and is really great at it! The conference committee is looking for someone with experience in securing sponsorship and partnership support from organizations. We’ll provide a sponsorship package, as well as communications and administrative support. If you’re interested in joining our terrific team, please contact Theresa Best or Naomi Pauls.

Publications Committee: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards Proofreaders

The Publications Committee is seeking proofreaders for both Meeting Professional Editorial Standards: Stylistic Editing and Meeting Professional Editorial Standards: Structural Editing. The proofing must take place within the first two to three weeks of March. If you are available during this time, or want more information, please contact Melva McLean, Chair, Publications Committee as soon as possible.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact a national committee chair today.

6. PROTECT YOURSELF: Affordable insurance options

  Goal: Protect yourself and your ability to earn an income

EAC offers several affordable insurance options for EAC members.

Errors and omissions insurance

Professional risks go hand-in-hand with the editing industry. E&O insurance protects you against lawsuits arising from allegations of negligence or wrongdoing, thereby protecting your assets. For a client who has suffered damages, E&O insurance ensures there are adequate funds for compensation.

Health and dental insurance

These enhanced health-care plans can supplement your provincial government’s coverage and help protect you against unexpected health and dental expenses.
With a complete product package that spans term life insurance, permanent participating life, universal life, disability, critical illness and long-term care, these plans can offer you personal peace of mind, regardless of what the future might bring.

Automobile and property insurance

This new program offers you competitive group rates and quality insurance coverage for your car, home, home-based business, condominium, apartment, cottage, seasonal home, jewellery, fine art and other valuables.

For more information visit EAC’s Member Services page.

The EAC national e-news update is produced on behalf of the national executive council by the national office.

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