Editors Canada announces new entry-level test for editors

Unlock your editing career

Ready to launch your editing career? Wondering how to let employers know you’ve got what it takes?

Editors Canada is pleased to announce a new test to assess knowledge of the basics of editing and to provide a qualification for entry-level editors. Editors Canada Editing Essentials evaluates basic competence in the areas of structural editing, stylistic editing, copy editing and proofreading.

Unlike Editors Canada Professional Certification, which recognizes highly experienced editors who are already the masters of their craft, Editing Essentials is intended for editors at the beginning of their careers.

Test format

Editing Essentials is a timed, multiple-choice test that’s offered online. Take the test anywhere, anytime. There are no membership, education or experience prerequisites.

Pass the Editing Essentials test and you’ll receive an official letter from Editors Canada confirming you’ve earned the Editors Canada Editing Essentials qualification. It’s that simple!

“With Editing Essentials, we’ve answered a call from those entering our field,” says Editors Canada president Heather Buzila. “This is a clear starting point on the path to a successful editing career. It’s a way for new editors to get tangible proof of their competency in editing. And it’s a way to earn an official qualification from the association that set the standard for professional editing in Canada.”

Are you ready to kickstart your career?

Don’t delay! The key to unlocking your editing career awaits.

To learn more about Editing Essentials or to register now, visit editors.ca/editing-essentials.

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