Editors Canada calls on Government of Canada to write laws in plain language #Plain4Democracy

The Editors’ Association of Canada (Editors Canada) is launching a Twitter campaign to ask the Government of Canada to write laws in plain language.

The five-day campaign will begin on International Plain Language Day on October 13, 2016.

A message that is written in plain language is delivered to its intended readers clearly and effectively. Governments around the world understand that the public needs communication it can understand. And they are beginning to recognize that if people do not understand legislation and government policies, they cannot truly participate in democracy. Some countries even have laws requiring that their government agencies use plain language.

When will Canada commit to plain language and accessibility, not just in government communication but also in legislation? Editors Canada says the time is now.

“The main goal of an editor is to be an advocate for readers. Editors revise text so it will be clear and understandable the first time people read it. Advocating for legislation in plain language is a natural fit for editors,” says Anne Louise Mahoney, Editors Canada president.

Because of this concern for readers, many Editors Canada members do plain language writing, editing, coaching and teaching.

October 2016 Tweets from @editorscanada will focus on Canada, access to the law and democracy.

Join the campaign using these hashtags:

Help us spread the message that Canada needs laws in plain language.

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