Member news: February 2018

Editors Ottawa-Gatineau member Pierrette Brousseau was asked by the House of Commons to create a style guide for the 6,000+ footnotes (in each language) of the Third Edition of the House of Commons Procedure and Practice.

They wanted a style guide based on the principles of the Chicago Manual of Style, the Canadian Style and the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (because of the vast amount of legal citations in the footnotes). This style guide had to be customized (in both official languages) to suit the needs of, and comply with, the House of Commons’ publishing practices.

Dozens of people worked diligently with Pierrette to bring this project to fruition. They are all acknowledged on the Acknowledgements page.

A condensed version of the Procedure and Practice is presented in the Compendium of Procedure, a collection of over 2,000 articles grouped under 13 themes. Pierrette was responsible for the concordance editing of these articles.

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