Member news: March 2017

Editing Globally is an international editorial collective, launched by long-time Editors Canada members Janet MacMillan (Editors Toronto) and Madeline Koch (Editors Toronto), along with three other colleagues—Kelly Lamb in Toronto, Katherine Trail in Scotland and Etty Payne in England. It provides seamless and thorough editorial services to clients around the world. The five members have supported each other, referred work to each other, and worked together on a number of projects over recent years, so the collective was a natural step. More information is available at, including periodic blog posts, and the collective tweets regularly at @EditingGlobally. They can be reached at

Gael Spivak (Editors Ottawa–Gatineau) was recently featured in CMOS Shop Talk (from the Chicago Manual of Style). The website has started a new series about the editor’s life, called Your Editing Stories. Gael’s piece, A Reluctant Editor, is the inaugural post.

In October 2016, Shari Yore (Editors British Columbia) received the Distinguished Editor Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Shari was recognized “with deep appreciation” for her 15 years of outstanding service as editor of the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

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