Introducing the EAC President’s Award for Volunteer Service

Dear members,

I am very excited to introduce a new award EAC is initiating to recognize the invaluable contributions of our volunteer members.

The EAC President’s Award for Volunteer Service recognizes outstanding service to the organization, at the branch or national level, by member volunteers. Candidates for the award may have served EAC by conscientiously performing volunteer activities over an extended period of time, taking initiative to identify and solve a critical problem or meet a specific need within the organization, organizing or directing an activity that has a tremendous impact on the association, or inspiring others to participate more fully within the association.

Recipients of the President’s Award will receive personalized commemorative certificates, be honoured at a presentation ceremony at the annual conference, be featured in Active Voice and on the EAC website, appear in the annual report above the list of volunteers, and receive a congratulatory letter from the EAC president. One outstanding volunteer will be selected from the nominees to be honoured as the Volunteer of the Year. The recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award will receive a commemorative plaque, which will be presented at the annual EAC conference.

EAC is a not-for-profit organization sustained by the volunteer commitment of its members. Recognizing and honouring volunteers sets a standard for service, encourages sustained commitment and participation in the activities of the organization, and inspires others to make participation an important part of their EAC experience. I am sure you know members who should be recognized for generously contributing their time and energy as volunteers and, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspiring others to engage in volunteer service. Any member in good standing of the association can be nominated for the award.

To nominate an EAC member for the President’s Award, send a letter (200 to 500 words) describing the extraordinary volunteer service provided by the candidate. The letter must be signed by a minimum of three EAC members in good standing. For more complete guidelines, please visit the President’s Award page.

The deadline for nominations is April 15, 2010.

Send nominations and any supporting documentation to

EAC President’s Award for Volunteer Service
505–27 Carlton St.
Toronto, ON  M5B 1L2
Fax: 416 975-1637
Email: (subject line: Nomination, EAC President’s Award for Volunteer Service)

Thank you for helping me identify worthy recipients for this important recognition program.


Michelle Boulton, President
Editors’ Association of Canada

This message was produced on behalf of the national executive council by the national office.

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