National e-news update, July 20, 2015

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In this issue:

1. CERTIFICATION: Develop your game plan
2. PARL: French editing proficiency information sessions
3. VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH: Catherine Baudin
4. GET INVOLVED: Volunteer opportunities to boost your resumé
5. MEMBER NEWS: A round of applause!
6. PUBLICATIONS: Editorial Niches available soon
7. CONFERENCE 2015: Editing Goes Global recaps and handouts now available
8: EXTERNAL LIAISON: RGD increases Editors Canada webinar discount

1. CERTIFICATION: Develop your game plan

Planning to write the copy editing and/or stylistic editing exams this year? You can register online starting July 27.

Now that you’re ready to proceed, it’s time to develop your game plan. Why not take some advice from certified editors? The “Are You Certifiable? Preparing for EAC’s Certification Exams” conference session gave loads of valuable tips for hitting the books, a suggested study schedule and sample questions.

“Many editors who attended the session said they felt intimidated by certification, but by the end they were persuaded to register for the tests,” says Jeanne McKane, co-chair of the certification steering committee.

Missed the session? No problem! You’ll find the presentation slides and handout online.

For further details about either exam, along with a full practice test, get your copy of the study guide.

“Preparing for the certification exams is a terrific way to identify your strengths and areas where you need more practice,” Jeanne says. “It’s outstanding professional development.”

The copy editing and stylistic editing exams will be written in locations across Canada on Saturday, November 14. The proofreading and structural editing exams will be offered again in 2016.

2. PARL: French editing proficiency information sessions

Want to know more about Programme d’agrément en révision linguistique – Réviseurs Canada (PARL), but weren’t able to attend one of the information sessions the Comité Agrément/Principes offered in Quebec this spring? The committee is considering holding an online information session. If you’re interested in taking part, email Sandra Gravel.

As with the in situ sessions, this online information session would focus on the program, this year’s exam (examen d’agrément en révision linguistique générale) and the study guide.

Registration for this year’s examen d’agrément en révision linguistique générale is open until mid-September. To register now, purchase a study guide, or for more information, visit the PARL website.

3. VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH: Catherine Baudin

Headshot of Catherine Baudin

Catherine Baudin joined the Quebec/Atlantic Canada branch in 2010 because she wanted to be recognized as an editor and a proofreader. She is being acknowledged as the Editors Canada volunteer of the month for her work on the Comité Agrément/Principes (CAP).

Catherine was driven by the committee’s mandate to develop a French editing proficiency program and to provide professional recognition for French-language editors. In 2013–14, she coordinated the committee’s review of Principes directeurs en révision professionelle (the association’s French-language editorial standards) and, “as official editor for CAP documents, wrote the new edition,” says committee chair Sandra Gravel.

This spring, the association was proud to announce that the first French editing proficiency exam will take place on Saturday, October 17, at Université Laval in Quebec City.

Catherine worked as an editor and proofreader in a communications agency for more than 15 years. In 2013, she joined La Quintessence, a linguistic services company that specializes in writing, editing and proofreading.

“My volunteer experience has been so valuable,” says Catherine. “Together with CAP members, I’ve done some incredibly fulfilling work. It’s also a great way to improve myself professionally.”

The volunteer of the month highlights the dedicated people who keep Editors Canada going. Volunteers are the backbone of the association. We are grateful for the many members and affiliates who answer the call when help is needed. Visit the Members’ Area for more information about actively participating in the association.

4. GET INVOLVED: Volunteer opportunities to boost your resumé

Are you looking for valuable experience and accomplishments to highlight on your CV? Here are some opportunities that are available.

Conference 2016

With the dust barely settled from this year’s incredibly successful Editing Goes Global international conference, the 2016 conference co-chairs, Amy Haagsma and Lynn Slobogian, brought together a group of eager volunteers for their first official meeting. Everyone got to know each other while discussing past conference experiences, brainstorming ideas and choosing roles. Many coordinator roles have now been filled, and several enthusiastic committee members await assignment.

More than 100 people have joined the new Conference 2016 Facebook page. Please join us if you haven’t already. The 2015 page provided plenty of ideas, feedback and humour through an ongoing buzz of contributions.

Next steps include connecting the 2016 and 2015 coordinators, looking into partnerships with like organizations, finalizing the June 2016 dates, confirming the venue and much more.

First, we still require volunteers of all sorts, including two speaker coordinators, a vendor fair coordinator, a second communications coordinator, at least two translators, committee members and weekend-of volunteers. Volunteering-at-a-distance is also an option!

Please contact the conference co-chairs to volunteer or chat about opportunities to get involved. We welcome you to our team as we prepare Vancouver for our 2016 visitors!

Member news coordinator

Want to help us shine a light on the great work our members and affiliates do? Our member news page is a regular website feature designed to tell the world about members and affiliates who win awards, publish books and make their mark on the world, showcasing a wide range of skills and talents. We’re looking for a member news coordinator to monitor, follow up on member news suggestions, coax humble editors to share their success stories, and write monthly profiles. Interested? Please contact Michelle Ou.

Volunteer of the month profile writer

Would you like to improve your writing skills while getting to know your editing colleagues a bit better? Would you like to know who the next volunteer of the month is before just about anybody else? Then you’re in luck! The volunteer management committee is looking for someone to write our monthly volunteer profiles. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email to the committee chair.

5. MEMBER NEWS: A round of applause!

NCR branch member Gael Spivak was recently profiled by her employer, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, in its annual Day in the Life employee profiles. Each year, a few employees (out of 7,000) are selected as examples of model public servants and their profiles are published during National Public Service Week.

From the communications about the profiles: “Every day, from coast to coast, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s employees contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by all Canadians. The employees profiled each represent spirit, dedication and professionalism, key values that the Agency prides itself on as it safeguards Canada’s food, animals and plants.”

Gael was profiled as a plain language advocate (on behalf of Canadians), as well as her work for and with editors, including her volunteer work with Editors Canada and her work on the Editing Goes Global conference.

Do you have a recent achievement? Let Editors Canada tell the world about it on the member news page. If you have member news to share, drop our member news coordinator a line.

6. PUBLICATIONS: Editorial Niches available soon

Cover of Editorial Niches: A Companion to Editing Canadian English, 3rd Edition by the Editors' Association of Canada

 We’re pleased to announce we have a distributor for Editorial Niches: A Companion to Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition. We’re sorting out the final details, but you’ll soon be able to order the print edition from UBC Press.

Looking for a print copy of Editing Canadian English 3? It’s available now from UBC Press for $44.95. Save an extra 10% by ordering before July 31 (use discount code ECE3). Shipping is free in Canada for orders over $39.95. You can also order it from Chapters Indigo or from your local bookseller.

Prefer online editions? Editorial Niches is available in its entirety with a subscription to Editing Canadian English 3 online. Access both of these resources now at Use the member code MoreThanMeetstheEh to get the member/affiliate rate of $25/year (regular price $35/year).

7. CONFERENCE 2015: Editing Goes Global recaps and handouts now available

Want to relive Editing Goes Global? Weren’t able to attend our first international conference of editors, but wondering what you missed? Check out the conference recaps and session handouts and presentations.

8. EXTERNAL LIAISON: RGD increases Editors Canada webinar discount

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) has lowered the rate for Partner Organization Members to access its professional development webinars. Editors Canada members and student affiliates can now sign up for all webinars for $15 per broadcast, or purchase a package of three webinars for $40. Visit the RGD website for information on upcoming webinars.

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