The Importance of Insurance for Editors

Everyone makes mistakes, which is why Editors Canada has partnered with APOLLO Insurance.

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Dear members,

As an editor, clients see you as an expert in your field. Of course, everyone makes mistakes. That’s why Editors Canada has partnered with APOLLO Insurance. 

This partnership provides you with an effortless way to acquire professional liability insurance, which can protect you if you

  • make an error or mistake,
  • unintentionally omit important information, or 
  • are wrongfully accused of negligence.

What does that look like in practical terms?

Here’s an example of a Misrepresentation of Services scenario:

“An editor is hired to help a client draft a press release for their business. The client mistakenly believes the editor will review the final draft before it’s published. The review does not take place and the company publishes the unfinished press release with inaccurate information, damaging its reputation. The company sues the editor for damages, which may leave them financially responsible.”

In this scenario, professional liability insurance could have helped to protect the editor.

APOLLO is Canada’s leading digital insurance provider, offering fast, easy, and custom coverage for freelance editors and small businesses like yours. 

Purchase your policy today through APOLLO’s easy-to-use online platform and get insured in minutes. It’s professional liability insurance made effortless!

This product is available in all Canadian provinces and territories, except Quebec. Editors Canada will continue to look for a product for members in Quebec.

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