Update on problems with Editors Canada email and CMOS access

Earlier this month we sent members an update about the ongoing Editors Canada server issues affecting many of our web and email services.

Here is the current status of our systems.


  • The editors.ca and reviseurs.ca websites are back online.
  • Webmail access has been restored, although users may find that their stored contacts were deleted when our server technicians installed a newer version of the Roundcube client.
  • The Editors’ Weekly blog is back online.

Not working:

  • Editors.ca and reviseurs.ca email users may find that their recipients are not receiving email because the recipient servers are flagging these emails as spam. Some of the servers known to be rejecting email from our server are Bell/Sympatico, Eastlink, Rogers, Shaw, Telus, Yahoo and some government departments.
  • Member proxy access to The Chicago Manual of Style Online is offline.
  • The email lists are offline.

What happened?

The IT company that hosts editors.ca and reviseurs.ca email and our web server moved all of these services to a new server on Saturday, February 27. They did this without notifying the national office staff. During the move, they accidentally took all of our services offline.

Compounding this issue is the fact that this IT company is dropping Editors Canada as a client as of March 31, 2021. They served notice just four days before surprising us with the server migration.

The national office has contacted the company several times a day since discovering the outage on Monday, March 1, and has escalated the issue where possible; however, this company has not been cooperative about fixing what they’ve broken. Our phone calls and emails often go unanswered.

What’s next?

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

We have another company working with the national office staff to restore member proxy access to The Chicago Manual of Style Online. We hope to have this back online soon and will send another update when it is.

IT services

We are in active talks with a new IT company to take over hosting editors.ca and reviseurs.ca email and our web server.

The national executive council will review this company’s proposal with the national office, factoring in the scope of services we need to decide on the best way forward.

These negotiations and getting a new company access to our web and email services will take some time. For now, we can’t give you an estimate when this will be complete, but we will keep you updated.

Editors.ca and reviseurs.ca email

Since our current IT company is being uncooperative and appears to be biding its time until our contract expires on March 31, our email issues are unlikely to be resolved until we can move this service to a new company.

Given that a large number of servers are rejecting email sent from our server, we strongly recommend that email users begin using a different (not editors.ca or reviseurs.ca) address immediately.

We understand the frustration this server outage has caused. Not being able to reliably send email or access member resources impacts our ability to get our work done. It has also derailed our national office staff’s ability to get its day-to-day work done.

Please be assured this remains a very high priority and we are doing what we can to resolve it as quickly as possible. We apologize again for the disruption in service and thank you for your continued patience.

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