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Which Editors Canada member speaks five languages, volunteered with Translators Without Borders and hosted an award-winning radio show?

Who else but Badou Bousso, Editors Ottawa–Gatineau’s multi-talented co-chair of francophone relations! As a child in Senegal, Badou “fell in love with English.” He completed a BA in Langues Étrangères Appliquées (foreign languages for business), an MA in translation and PhD work in francophone studies at the University of Kansas, where he helmed the radio show All Things African with Badou. After moving to Montreal with his family, he worked as a teacher, freelance editor and translator, bringing to bear his knowledge of English, French, Wolof, Spanish and Arabic.

In 2015, Badou began in-house work at the Canadian Nurses Protective Society in Ottawa. He joined the association as a member of Editors Ottawa–Gatineau, becoming co-chair of francophone relations in 2019. “My mandate is to create French content and activities for our francophone members,” Badou says. “This is important as we’re in the nation’s capital and serve a bilingual audience.”

In 2020, Badou helped to create la Vigne des reviseurs, the French equivalent of The Editors’ Vine virtual meeting of members. A national gathering, la Vigne regularly welcomes guests from the United States, too. “I’m very proud of what it’s turned into,” Badou says.

Badou currently works as a content management coordinator for a not-for-profit healthcare organization. He also freelances in editing and translation, including movie subtitling.

A self-described “news junkie,” Badou is also a fan of world music and cultures. “I love meeting my peers from all over the place [through Editors Canada],” he says. “I have grown so much professionally since becoming a member.” He only wishes he had more time to dedicate to Editors Canada. “I feel like there is so much more I can do!”

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~S. Robin Larin

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