Branch/Twig Toolkits

Branch/Twig Toolkits are now available for download. The toolkits contain information for new twig coordinators and members of branch executive committees, or for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to establish or to administer an Editors Canada branch or twig.

The toolkits reflect a national effort from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia, and are available in English and French.

Many thanks to the dedicated work of the following people:

  • Project coordinators: Stacey Atkinson, Heather Buzila, Anne Louise Mahoney, Lisa Ng, Margaret Shaw
  • Writers: Stacey Atkinson, Dee Noble, Margaret Shaw
  • Content reviewers: Elizabeth d’Anjou, David Johansen, Michelle Ou, Gael Spivak, Caitlin Stewart, John Yip-Chuck
  • Editors: Beverly Ensom, Margaret Shaw, Claire Wilkshire
  • Proofreader: Beverly Ensom
  • Translators: Diana Newton-Smith; Sophie Pallotta; Jonathan Paterson; French copy editor: Stéphanie Robitaille
  • Contributors of sample documents that the toolkits link to: Carolyn Brown; Editors British Columbia; Editors Ottawa-Gatineau (Maureen Moyes); Editors Quebec-Atlantic Canada; Marianne Grier; Tiffany Sloan; Breanne MacDonald; Editors Hamilton-Halton
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