Job postings

Located in the members’ area of the site, the Editors Canada national job board carries notices of full-time, part-time and freelance opportunities to members across the country. 

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Only paid positions will be posted; notices for volunteer work and jobs that pay on deferral will not be posted.
  • Application deadlines must be specified. If a deadline is not specified, Editors Canada will assign one that is one month from the date we post the notice to the website.
  • Job notices should, whenever possible, use point form when outlining responsibilities and qualifications.
  • While the job board does support minor formatting, such as boldface, italics, hyperlinks and bulleted lists, it cannot accommodate graphics or PDF attachments. Please submit postings in a format suitable for copying and pasting, such as Word or plain text.
  • Be sure to include instructions on how to apply, including contact information.

Notices are reviewed for appropriateness before posting. Approved notices are usually posted within two working days of receipt.

Notices may be removed from the job board after the closing date stated in the notice.

Editors Canada reserves the right to decline to post any notice.

To post a position to the job board, email the notice as you would like it to appear to



The Editors’ Association of Canada (Editors Canada) does not vet or endorse editors who respond to ads posted on the National Job Board.

Editing is not a regulated sector in Canada. As such, Editors Canada cannot be held responsible for the quality of work of any editor hired through the National Job Board.

Editors Canada members

Job notices are sent to Editors Canada by external clients and employers. Editors Canada does not vet the organizations or individuals who submit notices for the job board, nor does the association endorse this information.

It is the interested member’s responsibility to investigate this information further.

  • Editors Canada members considering these jobs should evaluate each posting thoroughly and obtain a written contract before commencing any work.
  • The Editors Canada Agreement Template for Editing Services is available for download.

If you experience any of the following suspicious practices, email the secretary so that the national executive council can advise on whether the post should be removed:

  • sending single chapters or sections to multiple editors to sample edit
  • asking for excessively large sample edits
  • asking the editor to pay a fee to be considered for the job
  • refusing to sign a contract
  • asking for payment considerations other than money, such as a share of future sales or profits
  • asking for unusual payment methods
  • overpayment scams (described by the Canadian Bankers Association)
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