EAC/ACR members win CMHC contract

In October we let members know EAC had begun to pursue contracts to provide a full range of editing-related services to government agencies. If successful, these contracts would result in more work for the association’s members.

We’re thrilled to announce that after reviewing a bid submitted by 10 EAC members on behalf of the association, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has added EAC to its list of suppliers for editing, revision and proofreading services.

What does this mean?

CMHC has recognized EAC’s skilled members and may offer jobs for editing, revision and proofreading—in both English and French—to these members through EAC.

How will this work?

The 10 self-selected members who prepared the original bid are now on CMHC’s EAC supplier list.

These 10 members belong to a collective of EAC members who will have the opportunity to participate in bidding on future government contracts.

How do I join the collective?

Any EAC member may join the collective so long as they agree to the terms and requirements. After joining the collective, members will organize to respond to requests for proposals (RFPs) for government contracts.

The process for joining the collective, terms and requirements are currently under review and will be announced to all EAC members in a future broadcast.

Where can I get more information?

We’ve set up an email list to discuss the collective and bidding on future contracts, and to organize bidding teams when new RFPs are received.

To subscribe to the list, go to http://list.web.net/lists/listinfo/eac-contracts and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Note: Since the email list is open to EAC members only, subscription requests have to be approved by the national office. Although this process is not automatic, these requests are checked every business day so subscription requests are approved within a short period of time.

EAC thanks the 10 members of the collective for their hard work on the CMHC bid, and to the entire collective for promoting EAC’s skilled members and continuing to pursue government work on their behalf.

Produced on behalf of the EAC national executive council by the EAC national office.

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