EAC: National e-news update, October 2007

News, events, tips and updates for members of the Editors’ Association of Canada

In this issue:

1. ACTIVE VOICE: Read the latest issue online
3. CONFERENCE 2008: Update
4. THE FINE PRINT: An electronic journal for editors
5. NATIONAL OFFICE: Staff news

1. ACTIVE VOICE: Read the latest issue online

The latest issue of Active Voice is now available on the EAC website. In the latest double issue:

  • How to become a wealthy editor
  • What are you worth? 2007 EAC national rate survey
  • Interpréter les résultats du sondage : Aucun des membres de l’ACR n’est « typique »
  • Reading the survey: Who’s in the money?
  • Will certification impact fees? It will take time
  • L’agrément aura-t-il une influence sur les tarifs? Le rôle de l’ACR dans la détermination des tarifs
  • Are you certifiable? Moving forward, looking back
  • 2006 Tom Fairley Award: More than “just editing”
  • How to invite abundance and wealth into your office: Moving your desk can make a difference
  • 2007 Oops Award winners: Editors’ eyes never close
  • How does EAC compare? We’re up there
  • Notes for editors: Lyrics from the Unlicensed Cabaret
  • Rosemary Shipton: An accidental editor
  • Readers’ corner: Embracing a bygone technology
  • Mon congrès en 2007 : Anna Olivier décrit son expérience

TIP: Visit the EAC website to download Active Voice–no password required!

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The membership first adopted the association’s groundbreaking Professional Editorial Standards (PES) in 1991. The standards, which list the skills and knowledge needed for editing in English-language media in Canada and form the basis of EAC’s certification program, were last revised in 1999.

The time has come to review PES once again and the Professional Standards Committee wants your input. In mid-November the Professional Standards Committee will invite members to take part in an online survey to ensure that the standards are current and appropriate before they put forth any revisions for member ratification. Keep an eye on your inboxes for your chance to contribute.

3. CONFERENCE 2008: Update

Preparations for Conference 2008: Editing in the Global Village have begun. The Conference Committee will soon send out an email broadcast to recruit speakers, workshop leaders and discussion moderators for next year’s conference in Edmonton. Proposals related to the conference themes and suggested topics are encouraged, and other proposals are also welcome.

4. THE FINE PRINT: An electronic journal for editors

EAC members are invited to subscribe and contribute to The Fine Print, an Australia-based electronic journal for editors. The problems and joys down under differ little from ours, though the journal’s approach is a bit more literary than our own Active Voice’s.

Pamela Hewitt, the journal editor, wrote to Lee d’Anjou, “Interested members could subscribe directly just by going to the website. It’s free and there’s no spam. I only send out an email to subscribers when a new issue is posted. I’d also welcome contributions from your members.”

The publication is biannual in a printable format; the most recent issue appeared in late August.

5. NATIONAL OFFICE: Staff news

The national office is pleased to announce the appointment of Helena Aalto as the association’s national professional development coordinator.

Helena joined the staff on September 4, 2007, and will be responsible primarily for the strategic, operational and financial success of the two cornerstones of EAC’s national professional development program: certification and the conference. Helena will work closely with national committees to coordinate various elements of the certification program, fulfill a certification registrar function, plan and carry out the annual EAC conference, develop a national sponsorship base and assist with other events as needed.

The EAC national e-news update is produced on behalf of the national executive council by the national office.

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