Editors Canada joins Peerwith.Expert Partner Program

If you edit any kind of scholarly text—health sciences and medicine, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities, earth and planetary sciences—there are researchers around the world looking for experts like you. A new partnership agreement between Editors Canada and Peerwith.Expert will make it easier for them to find you.

Peerwith’s online platform connects researchers with international experts in researcher services to improve the quality of their academic work. They’re looking for editing services—from developmental to copy editing, as well as translation and indexing—for their grant proposals, research articles, theses, dissertations, and book manuscripts.

“Peerwith recognizes the value for authors of being able to see a full expert profile with highlighted memberships and achievements. For this reason and to meet the wishes of valued experts, Peerwith initiated the Peerwith.Expert Partner Program,” said Ivo Verbeek, director of Peerwith. “Our goal is ultimately to create a filter mechanism on Peerwith to help clients select the best possible expert for their needs.”

Editors Canada members who become Peerwith experts will be able to request that a badge verifying they’re Editors Canada members be displayed on their expert pages. Email a request for a badge by clicking on the blue button with a circled question mark and the word “Help” on it at the bottom of the screen. Peerwith will verify membership by checking the Online Directory of Editors, the editor’s LinkedIn profile page or website. These are all publicly accessible sources of information. Editors Canada will never share your private information.

“This is an exciting new partnership because it gives Editors Canada members another way to connect with people in need of editing expertise,” said Heather Buzila, president of Editors Canada. “Several members already work with academic experts through Peerwith. This new partnership will make that work more accessible to a wider range of members and promote members ahead of non-members.”

The online platform provides a secure and transparent, multilingual marketplace, enabling experts to directly communicate with researchers. This helps experts develop good working relationships with researchers who keep coming back to them for editorial assistance on further papers.

Find out how it works.

  1. You can browse service requests as they are posted on Peerwith. Researchers can also contact you directly. Send quotes for service requests you are interested in picking up. Peerwith adds 12% to 20% to your quote, depending on the service category, with a minimum fee of US$20.
  2. When a researcher accepts your quote, they transfer the agreed fee to Peerwith. You are now connected.
  3. The collaboration begins. You can exchange ideas and share files directly through the Peerwith platform.
  4. When you are done, flag the work as delivered and send the completed service request to the researcher. As soon as they confirm to Peerwith that the service request is accepted, Peerwith will transfer your fee.

It’s that simple.

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