New Editors Canada website launch delayed

Dear members and student affiliates,

Our new Editors Canada website was supposed to launch on Friday, August 4, 2023. Unfortunately, our web development teams need a little more time to get the new site up and running. As a result, our website is still a few weeks away from launching.

Website freeze now lifted

Last month, we froze the Editors Canada website in preparation for the final stretch of the development of our new website. We are now lifting the freeze so you can begin making updates to web pages again. This includes all webmasters and any member who has a profile in the Online Directory of Editors.

New website users

If you joined Editors Canada after July 14, 2023, you were informed you would not be able to log into the members’ area of our site until the new site launched on August 4. To accommodate for this delay, we added two weeks to your Editors Canada membership. If you would like access to the current website now, please contact the national office at to request login information.

Next steps

Our web development teams, staff and volunteers are working as quickly as possible on the new website. When we’re closer to the new launch date, we’ll announce another website freeze to finalize the site.

We’re sorry for the delay. We look forward to sharing the new association site with you soon! The national office will send another update when we have more info.

Thanks for your patience.

Website Task Force
Editors Canada

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