Stay connected while physical distancing

Looking for new ways to connect with other editors? Editors Canada offers members a variety of options.

The Editors’ Vine

Members of Editors Canada who face barriers to attending twig or branch meetings can now join a monthly virtual meeting on Zoom: the Editors’ Vine.

We will be running two meetings with the same theme each month: first Thursday evening at 7 p.m., Eastern (4 p.m., Pacific) and on the Saturday that follows at 1 p.m., Eastern (10 a.m., Pacific). The inaugural meetings take place on April 2 and 4.

The Editors’ Vine facilitators are Janine Jeffers (Thursday) and Nicola Aquino (Saturday). If you would like to join us, please email Links to the Zoom meeting rooms will be sent out during the week of the meetings.


Our members-only Facebook group is a private place where we can talk, share information, and ask and answer questions about editing and whatever else people want to discuss.

We also have a student affiliates Facebook group to support the next generation of editors.

Are you an in-house editor? Join the Editors Canada in-house editors Facebook group today.


Looking for Editors Canada on LinkedIn? Join the Editors Canada LinkedIn group.

Editors Canada email list

Our email list is always available for you to ask questions and have discussions with your colleagues.

Branch and twig events

Some local events are being moved online. To find out what’s happening in your local group, visit your branch or twig page.

This time of uncertainty and isolation can be a difficult one. Whatever your circumstance, we invite you to connect with your fellow members online to make physical distancing easier.

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