The Editing Canadian English eBook is here!

Editors Canada is pleased to announce that Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition, is now available as an eBook for just $9.99.

With the eBook, you get a fully searchable version that you can read on your computer (with a reading app installed), tablet, smartphone or reading device.

Editors Canada gratefully acknowledges Andrea Hatley (Editors Manitoba) for suggesting and taking on this project and doing a stellar job of formatting this eBook; the many member volunteers who gave such helpful input at the beta read stage; and Kathryn Willms for doing the crucial final steps to help us make this product available. Thank you, all!

The latest guidance on Canadian English usage

What do expert editors from Editors Canada and beyond say about Canadianization, spelling, the editor’s legal and ethical responsibilities, copyright, bilingual text and more? Find out in Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition. It’s a reference guide you can depend on.

Some of the common questions addressed by the third edition of Editing Canadian English include these:

  • What are the differences between proofreading, copy editing, stylistic editing, and structural editing, and how do I know which role is required?
  • When is it appropriate to adapt Canadian words that an international audience might stumble over?
  • What are the biases common in Canada and how do I correct for them?
  • How do I settle on a Canadian spelling when even our dictionaries can’t agree?
  • What punctuation issues are specific to Canada?
  • How do I reconcile the metric versus imperial mix that characterizes Canadian usage?
  • How do I work with French text in English documents?

Get Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition, and Editorial Niches in the same eBook

The eBook contains all of Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition, and the companion volume, Editorial Niches.

Explore key roles and requirements for editors today, such as the fundamentals of editing, Professional Editorial Standards for structural editing, stylistic editing, copy editing and proofreading, professional development, fact checking, indexing, email etiquette and software for editors.

Learn about a wide variety of Editorial Niches from editors who are experts in their field. Niches include online materials, corporations, not-for-profits, associations, government, educational materials, poetry, plays, screenplays, cookbooks, magazines, science, technology, medicine and more.

How to buy the eBook

The eBook comes in .epub and .mobi formats and is available for purchase on Kindles, Kobos, Nooks and iPads, and on AmazonChapters IndigoBarnes & Noble and many other places eBooks are sold.

Print edition

Looking for print copies of Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition, and Editorial Niches? Purchase your copies now from UBC Press or Chapters Indigo. You can also order them from your favourite bookseller.

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