Edit Like a Pro

Cover of Edit Like a Pro: Proofreading, published by Editors Canada

Edit Like a Pro is a series of four workbooks published by Editors Canada to help editors assess and improve their skills through hands-on editing practice. Edit Like a Pro, based on the 2016 edition of Professional Editorial Standards, replaces the Meeting Professional Editorial Standards series, which is based on the 2009 edition of Professional Editorial Standards.

Each book will contain exercises based on realistic scenarios, with sample answers and detailed commentary focusing on one type of editing—structural editing, stylistic editing, copy editing or proofreading—as described in Editors Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards (2016).

Edit Like a Pro: Proofreading, Third Edition, is now available for purchase!

Each purchase includes:

  • Edit Like a Pro: Proofreading booklet (PDF) 
  • Zip file of exercises and discussions (PDF and Word)

Price: $39

Edit Like a Pro: Proofreading is now available for purchase, and the newest editions of the other volumes (Structural Editing, Stylistic Editing, Copy Editing) will follow.

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