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Sonia Gluppe enjoys studying, learning and taking examinations. Teaching has always been a part of her working and social life. When she decided to explore a new career as a freelance editor, she joined the Editors Kingston and wrote her first two certification exams that year. She became a Certified Professional Editor in 2011. It was a perfect fit when she was asked to join the certification steering committee.

Initially, Sonia volunteered as an external reviewer for one of the exams: she wrote the exam and submitted comments and concerns to the committee. Over the years, her involvement increased to include reviewing and marking both sets of exams. Timing can be a challenge in this role, since the marking of pilot and candidate tests often falls during the holidays. It can also sometimes be difficult to read a candidate’s handwriting. But with strict time management and an enjoyment for what she does, Sonia goes above and beyond. She generously shares her time and expertise with the certification steering committee, and they are grateful for her help.

She enjoys her work on the committee because she sees firsthand people’s interest in improving their professional qualifications and in maintaining editing and writing standards. She also finds it interesting to see how candidates handle the various challenges presented to them on the exams and to witness the entire process of how a test gets created.

Sonia fell in love with publishing during a high school summer job as a proofreader for the local newspaper. She worked for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care for 22 years before going freelance as a copy editor and proofreader. When not working, she spends time with her husband and two Italian greyhounds, bakes, and crochets nests for a local wildlife rescue organization.

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