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Sonia Gluppe
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Sonia Gluppe, CPE, volunteers on the certification steering committee as a test marker and reviewer. She joined the association in 2008 and is a member of Editors

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Four Tips for Editing Sex Scenes

Thursday June 6, 2024


Need to convince a client or a manager an editor is what they need to make that project sing? 

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For freelance editors, organizational tools are a must, and if you're just starting out, the cost of these tools may be a big consideration. In the first of a three-part series for The Editors' Weekly, Holly Vestad and Alex Benarzi share tips and features about the free (or cheap) organizational tools that they've found most useful as they build their businesses. [Alt: Icons are arranged in a 3x3 configuration. From left to right, the top row has a set of three magazine folders, math symbols and a briefcase; the middle row has a pen, a calendar and a graph; the bottom row has a bill, a checklist on a clipboard and a monitor with a keyboard. (Copyright: dmytro121287 ©]

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