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Tamra Ross
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Tamra Ross is a long-time member of Editors Calgary, and got her start in editing as a writing coach for adult students. She currently works as a web/print designer and computer programmer/researcher, but keeps her editorial skills sharp and is a recent graduate of SFU's editing

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Talking Sh!t: Editing Swear Words

Thursday May 9, 2024



Think about the last time you requested money or did work you didn't exactly agree to do. How did it make you feel? Boundaries are hard. Like any other skill, boundaries get better with practice. Catch Kyra Nabeta’s session "Boundaries for Editors" at the 2024 Editors Canada conference! #Editors24 takes place at SFU's Harbour Centre in Vancouver from June 21 to 23, 2024. Visit to learn more about Canada's largest professional editing conference.

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