Editors Canada will not increase membership fees in 2023

Dear members,

In Canada and around the globe, people are feeling the pinch as inflation climbs and the cost of basic living expenses increases. One place you won’t pay more is Editors Canada. We’re pleased to announce the national executive council (NEC) has voted to freeze membership and student affiliate fees for 2023.

The following fees will remain unchanged in 2023:

  • Membership
  • Emeritus membership
  • Two-year membership
  • Student affiliates
  • Transitional fees for recent student affiliates upgrading to Editors Canada membership

“Housing, groceries and gas cost more, but wages aren’t keeping up,” says Editors Canada president Maria Frank. “We understand people are looking for financial relief, so we decided to hold our membership fees to make things a little easier.”

We’re freezing fees while increasing membership benefits

For some organizations, a decision like this would mean cutting benefits and services. Not for Editors Canada. We have a lot to look forward to in 2023, including some exciting new benefits!

Conference 2023

Join us at Toronto Metropolitan University from June 17 to 18, 2023, for our first in-person conference since 2019! This will be an in-person conference that follows local health and safety guidelines. Sessions will be recorded so people can pay to view them online after the conference. The conference team will also explore ways to include more virtual elements. Read Get the inside scoop on Editors Canada Conference 2023 to learn more.

New benefits from the Canadian Press and Oxford University Press

We’re thrilled to announce the NEC has voted to approve the purchase of subscriptions for two resources that all members will have access to free of charge.

  1. Online Stylebook & Caps and Spelling Bundle (Canadian Press)
  2. OED Online (Oxford English Dictionary)

Our national office staff will work with CP and Oxford to set up Editors Canada member and student affiliate access for these resources. Look for announcements early in 2023!

A new Editors Canada website is coming

Our website task force is hard at work on a new editors.ca!

From the task force:

“We hope to bring you a new site that addresses many technical, organizational and functionality issues and improves the overall experience of Editors Canada’s website! Once the new website has launched, we’ll turn our attention to the association’s blogs and subsites.”

Ongoing benefits editors love

Of course, belonging to Editors Canada means you’ll continue to receive the following valuable benefits:

To learn about these and other benefits, visit the member services and member resources sections of our website.

If you have any questions about how your Editors Canada membership fees are used, please email treasurer@editors.ca.


Tara Avery

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